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Research has shown that owners of pets will have relatively lower blood pressure and pulse rate while they do mental and stressful tasks than people who don’t have pets. These tasks may vary from supervising the assignments for children to family intervention. Studies have also indicated that when you watch a fish glide in an aquarium tank, it is going to lower your blood pressure significantly and it will also reduce the tension in your muscles. It has been pointed out that individuals that are recovering from heart ailments and surgeries will be able to recuperate faster and endure for a longer time when they have pets at home. The mere presence of pets is adequate for staying healthier when compared with people who do not have pets.

Pets don’t keep any conditions for being faithful to you or giving you their attention. They will come up to you and snuggle even if they are not feeling up to it. They won’t have moods when it concerns you. A recent study performed at the Johns Hopkins was reported in their Depression & Stress Bulletin informed that residents of a nursing home in St. Louis didn’t feel lonely or depressed when they were awarded the companionship of a dog whereas a number of them still felt depressed and lonely when they were visited by humans. This study involved the enrollment of forty nursing home residents who had been identified with high scores on a scale of loneliness. Half the inhabitants were asked to spend time with a dog for half an hour every day and the other half were seen by other residents. The measure of isolation has been substantially reduced in that group of half of the chosen residents who were spending time with the dog.

Pets can change the way you behave

It’s possible you have come back home in an angry or a depressed state of mind and you want to take out that frustration on someone in your family; just then, your dog runs to you, requesting you to pat and give attention. You will kneel down and pat him on the back; the pet will lick your face and you will be forced to grin. After that exchange, you would have forgotten about your bad moods or your anger. The pet of yours has helped alter your behavior. People will feel relaxed and calm when they spend time with their pets.

They’ll transport you into a different world

Pets have that uncanny capability of taking people from their heads and hauling them into another reality, like movies and books. This world is filled with affection, food, water, drama and fun. Distraction has been proven to be one of the very best remedies for treating anxiety and depression. It’s even worked with people when they have hit such low points in their lives from where there was no getting back their sanity.

There’s no denying the fact that the touch of your pets gets the healing power. When you hug your pets, it will decrease the levels in the stress hormone known as’cortisol’. That healing touch from your pets will also aid in optimizing and building your immune system. Touch will fill your bodies with oxytocin and this hormone will reduce stress levels. Hence, pets are the biggest anti-depressants.